SiriusXM Escape

We have SiriusXM in one of our cars. Most of the time we have it on one of the channels that play pop hits from Taylor Swift or 90s alt-rock-pop bands.

But when I got the car all by my lonesome, I tune it to Escape, Channel 69.

It’s easy listening instrumental music. You’ve heard this stuff. Musicians take pop standards or rock hits and turn them into full-on instrumental pieces with plenty of strings and pianos. Neil Diamond songs seem to be a favorite go-to source for instrumental artists.

Some people would describe it as muzak; I call it lovely. It’s soothing, relaxing, and weirdly nostalgic. A lot of this stuff was used as background music in department stores and restaurants in the 70s and 80s, so I’m sure listening to Escape tickles those auditory memory cells in my brain and that feels good, man. Reminds me of standing in Montgomery Wards waiting for my parents to buy a vacuum.

If you have SiriusXM, definitely recommend tuning in. It’s good for the soul.