Barbell Training Update: 9/27/19

I continue to barbell train regularly.

I hit a PR on the shoulder press back in June at 225 lbs.

I also hit a PR on the bench press in June at 320 lbs.

My last squat and deadlift PRs were back in November of 2018.

Deadlift was 605 lbs

Squat was 455 lbs.

My coach, Matt Reynolds, has had me doing a Westside Barbell type program for the past few months. I’m using bands to add more resistance to the lifts. It’s a change-up and it’s been fun.

I’m hoping to hit a squat PR in the next month or so. We’ll see. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten to the point with my training that I just enjoy training in and of itself. The PRs are a happy by-product of the training.